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Downtown Improvement District Information

A Downtown Improvement District may be the most useful set of tools since the invention of the Swiss Army knife. A combination of maintenance and prevention programs, Downtown Everett’s DID creates a safe and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.


The idea of forming a Downtown Improvement District (DID) came in response to a growing awareness of Downtown Everett’s deteriorating condition in the early 1990’s. Weeds sprouted from sidewalk cracks, graffiti marred building walls, and garbage containers overflowed with trash. Unless a solution could be found, downtown’s future was threatened.


To reverse this trend, downtown supporters saw the formation of a DID as a time-tested solution—one that could prevent problems as well as respond to them. Thus, a group of active downtown stakeholders—business and property owners, community leaders, and concerned citizens—drafted a new plan of action. This plan now forms the basis of operations for the DID.


In form and function, the DID resembles a homeowners association. Each property owner pays an annual assessment for services such as the ongoing maintenance of sidewalks, alleys, and other common areas. These funds are collected by the City of Everett’s Finance Department, and are administered by the Downtown Everett Association. Once collected, assessments are put to work making Downtown Everett a clean, safe, and vibrant environment

DID Service Areas and Boundaries

Property owners within the following boundaries currently participate in the services and benefits offered by the DID.


Armed with brooms and dustpans, the DID Clean Team sweeps away litter and garbage each weekday morning. Cleaners take personal responsibility for ensuring that downtown streets are spotless and welcoming for customers, employees, and residents. 



Alleys often create the first impression for downtown employees and professionals as they park and enter their places of employment. Knowing this, the Clean Team makes an effort to ensure that alleys are free of garbage and debris each and every day. 



Having a place to deposit trash and cigarette butts is an important part of keeping Downtown Everett clean. The DID maintains trash containers and ash urns on downtown street corners, ensuring that they are never too full and that liners and containers are replaced as needed. 


Graffiti spreads quickly unless it is contained and removed right away. Armed with powerful solvents and paint spray cans, the Clean Team mounts an effective response to vandals. 



In addition to their regular duties, the Clean Team pulls weeds, gathers leaves, and alerts the City of Everett to important maintenance issues. 

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