DID Services

Clean Sidewalks

Armed with brooms and dustpans, the Downtown Improvement District (DID) Clean Team sweeps away litter and garbage each weekday morning. Cleaners take personal responsibility for ensuring that downtown streets are spotless and welcoming for customers, employees, and residents. 

Each fall, the Clean Team works hard to coordinate with City of Everett street sweepers in an attempt to efficiently keep our sidewalks and storefronts clear of leaves. With noise ordinances, morning commuters, parked cars, and unpredictable routes, it has been a challenge to get the timing right. The Clean Team added a leaf vacuum to their toolkit in 2021 – rather than blowing leaves into the street, where it’s often blown back up on the sidewalk by Everett’s sea breeze or passing cars, the Clean Team can vacuum up the debris on the spot.

Clean Alleys

Alleys often create the first impression for downtown employees and professionals as they park and enter their places of employment. Knowing this, the Clean Team makes an effort to ensure that alleys are free of garbage and debris each and every day. The Clean Team removes large, discarded items in alleys and cleans trash around dumpsters

Trash Containers and Ash Urns

Having a place to deposit trash and cigarette butts is an important part of keeping Downtown Everett clean. The DID maintains trash containers and ash urns on downtown street corners, ensuring that they are never too full and that liners and containers are replaced as needed.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti spreads quickly unless it is contained and removed right away. Armed with powerful solvents and paint spray cans, the Clean Team mounts an effective response to vandals. The Clean Team works diligently to remove graffiti – often before the property owner sees it. If you find graffiti before our crew, please take a photo and send it to [email protected].


If you have exterior paint that you wish to share with our Clean Team, they can use it to cover graffiti on your property. If you do not have matching paint, they will match the color to the best of their ability. Please notify us if you have matching exterior paint for our use. Our top priority is to remove graffiti promptly to discourage future vandalism and improve the perception of safety.

Special Services

In addition to their regular duties, the Clean Team pulls weeds, returns shopping carts to area retailers, and alerts the City of Everett to important maintenance issues.