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The business community is springing to life in downtown Everett. With many new large residential buildings increasing foot traffic, a daily influx of office-workers, and frequent downtown events, now is the right to time start a business downtown.

Downtown is Growing

New Residential Units in 2021
Total North Everett residents
Total Jobs in North Everett

*Data pulled from our 2021 Landscape Scan.

For Downtown Businesses

With an influx of 60,000 residents planned over the next two decades, downtown Everett is well on its way to becoming an urban center. Similar to Portland, Oregon or Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, this blue-collar town is springing into modernity without forgetting its industrial past. 

Entrepreneur Education

Seminars and workshops focused on the needs of micro and small businesses in Everett. Click below to learn more.

For Property Owners

A Downtown Improvement District may be the most useful set of tools since the invention of the Swiss Army knife. A combination of maintenance and prevention programs, Downtown Everett’s DID creates a safe and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

For Event Planners

Downtown Everett has become a popular spot for large and small events alike. We would love to help you bring your event to Downtown Everett. Click below to learn more.