Downtown Flower Program

Flower Program Background

In 2020, the Downtown Everett Association expanded programming to include a Downtown Flower Program. In April 2020, the City of Everett announced that budget shortfalls forced them to cut its flower program. Our board decided that the program was too important to downtown economic development to allow it to end, and that May, we launched a pilot flower program.

Planting Day

Each spring, community members plant nearly 3,000  flowers in more than 270 planters downtown. Planting Day 2023 will be held Saturday, May 6. Register to volunteer via Eventbrite!


Through our Adopt-A-Planter program, any individual, business, or organization can adopt a planter (or a few!). Downtown Planting Day Participants often adopt planters that they planted themselves. The DEA hires a seasonal crew member to water all the plants, and volunteers are asked to commit to weeding and deadheading planters throughout the summer until the plants are removed in October. 


Interested in adopting a planter for summer 2023? Email Madison to sign up at [email protected]!


In addition to volunteer hours, your generous financial contributions are critical to keeping the Downtown Flower Program growing and thriving. A single planter costs about $60 to care for annually. With 266 planters to maintain, the program costs nearly $16,000 each year. If you’d like to support our efforts to revitalize Downtown Everett, consider donating the cost of a planter to the Downtown Everett Partners Spring Campaign. You can find more information about the Downtown Everett Partners, our 501(c)(3) partner organization, and make a donation via the Downtown Everett Partners website.